Getting Started with Google AdWords

Hello from Google,

Congratulations! You've successfully signed up for AdWords! Your customer
ID is: 602-802-1736

Now it's time to activate your account so you can start reaching customers

1. Sign in to your account at http://adwords.google.com/um/StartNewLogin
2. Click the Create your first campaign button. Campaign setup takes just a
few minutes and include four simple steps:
- Choose your budget
- Create your ads
- Select keywords that match your ad to potential customers
- Enter your billing information

Once you complete these steps, your account will be activated. If you need
any help setting up your campaign, just call us at 1-855-331-2683. Not in
the US? For a list of numbers in other countries:

Ready to get started? Check out our resources for new advertisers:

Our step-by-step guide will help you learn about:
- Accessing your account
- Creating a campaign
- How billing works
- How to find your first ad

We're delighted to welcome you to Google AdWords.

See you online,
The Google AdWords Team

Important note: We periodically review accounts for security purposes and
to verify billing information. If your account undergoes review, your ads
will not show during the review time period. This process is designed for
your protection and to maintain the quality and security of AdWords. Your
ads will be eligible to show as soon as your account is out of review,
usually within 3 business days. However, if your ads still do not run after
this time period, you may contact us directly: